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Forever Aloe Bio Mask
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Sheet mask with Aloe Vera gel.Aloe bio-cellulose mask combine a advanced technology with some natural ingredients such as aloe vera gel, the extract from green tea, the Indian brown and the seaweed. The ultrafine fibers adapt perfectly to facial contours and can thus penetrate into fine lines and wrinkles. The mask in tissue is easy to apply and does does not require rinsing.
Forever Aloe Activator
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Tonic of pure Aloe Vera gel.
With 99 % pure Aloe Vera gel, aloe activator cleanse and calm the facial skin and give it a big feeling of freshness, even after the first application. Our Forever Aloe of high quality has been combined with Allantoin, an effective moisturizer. With her high in Aloe Vera, this product multifunctional supports the result of other products of Forever facials.
Forever Sonya daily Skincare
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Gel-based facial care series.
Four facial care products made of gel which improve the skin tone, hydrate and give the skin looking radiant and fresh. The series of Forever facials is specially formulated for combination skin of all ages and provides the skin what she has the most need.
Forever Sonya Refreshing Gel Cleanser
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Cleanses without stressing the skin.
With 39% pure Aloe Vera gel and moisturizing ingredients, Sonya refreshing gel cleanser calm and moisturizes the skin. This cleaning gel refreshing ideally cleanses combination skin and eliminates gently but deep dead cells, the impurities and makeup.
Forever Eye Contour Cream
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Beautifies the eye area.
The awakening eye cream uses peptide-based ingredients to improve the sensitive area around the eye and visibly reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and dark circles. The composition with the butylene glycol and the extract from sericulture with smooth Darutoside and regenerates the skin in no time and leaves the outline of radiant eyes.
Forever Sonya Radiance Gel
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Face gel that gives the skin a natural glow.
This gel quickly absorbed comes from the very last care technology of the skin and contributes to a uniform appearance of the skin. With his rich gel Pure Aloe Vera at 43 %, a unique algae blend and five asian plants, illuminating gel helps to harmonize complexion and to reduce age spots.
Forever Sonya Moisturizing Gel
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Gel lotion that hydrates the skin.
The extracts from more than ten natural plant extracts and oils contained in soothing gel moisturizer favor hydration and the suppleness of the skin. This complete moisturizer contains 38% pure Aloe Vera gel and anti aging ingredients such as linoleic acid and collagen hydrolyzate. They work exactly where the skin has it Not needed anymore.
Forever Sonya Gel Mask
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Gel mask, to support the skin during sleep.Gel Mask stimulates the skin during sleep and help to restore the balance of the skin. The Pure Aloe Vera gel at 43%, associated with the extract of apple and flower clover, give the skin full of hydration.
Forever Face Powder Mask
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Mixed with Aloe Activator, you get a firming mask with incredible effects.
A superfine powder which, combined with Aloe Activator, allows to obtain a tensor mask. The result of this "Small private beauty salon" is amazing: fresh, well-groomed skin.
Forever Sonya Intense Moisturizer
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A moisturizing night cream with Aloe Vera, precious oils and ceramides. Can also be used as an intense day care for particularly demanding skin.
A extra hydration touch for the face and body, embellished with a discreet fragrance note. Particularly rich and therefore ideal for dry skins. Fill them first fine lines thanks to his association effective Aloe Vera and elastin, of collagen, jojoba oil and of macadamia.
Forever R³ Factor Skin Defense Cream
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An innovative anti-aging cream with Aloe Vera, a complex of alpha-hydroxy acids, collagen and vitamins. Care, not only will you feel it, but you will also see it.The "Postman" with a anti-aging effect. The aloe vera, associated with a complex alpha-hydroxy acids, regenerates the skin by natural acids, vitamins and the strength of Aloe. Particularly suitable for skins to the Pores and the mature skin, as well as combination skin. For an effect of clearly visible skin rejuvenation.
Forever Gentleman's Pride
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Two in one: an aftershave, a moisturizing lotion in one bottle. All the strength of Aloe, Rosemary and Cucumber.
Alcohol-free, with a lot of Aloe Vera for an action curative. This product has a relaxing effect, treating and at the same time constituting a optimal protection against the environmental effects. In addition, the lotion contains stimulating substances as hyaluronic acid and rosemary extracts and of cucumber.